How did you get the music box?
What is your profile song?
the name is under my pause/play button
Promote for promote?
i would love to promote you but the thing is if i do one person, i’ll have to do everyone of my followers and it would clog everyones dashboard and my blog
What is your theme? 
click here it’s ‘Phineas’ my theme is just edited  
Where do you get your pictures from? 
most of them are submissions, reblogs or weheartit, no i do not steal pictures i wouldn’t waste time and effort saving and uploading pictures, if i have a photo that you have taken and would like me to remove it, please ask in my ask box i’ll be more than happy to remove it for you
how to get unlimited scroll?
put this in your description:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://proto.jp/js/tumblrAutoPager.js”></script>
Are you straight? 
yeah nigga i am straight